All Round Legend Dylan Alcott Writes Inspiring Autobiography “Able”

Dylan Alcott is a gold medallist, Order of Australia recipient, Grand Slam tennis champion, philanthropist and Triple J presenter. He’s also in a wheelchair. On top of his ridiculous list of achievements, Dylan’s passionate about changing the way people with disabilities are perceived. To inspire young people, whether disabled or able-bodied to achieve their dreams. It’s what drives him every day of his life.

In Able, Dylan shares his story and is proud of who he is – Someone who has a go, does everything with heart and soul, who always sees the upside and never takes himself too seriously. As inspiring, honest and funny as its author, Able proves that for every one thing you can’t do, there are 10,000 other things that you can.

Dylan never let his disability get in the way of what he wanted to achieve. His family treated him no differently to any other kid, and it was the best thing they ever did. Growing up, Dylan always had a positive attitude towards life. So when he discovered sport, he’d have a go at anything and could always be found at the centre of the action, giving his best and playing to win.

Able by Dylan Alcott is published on November 16. You can pre-order a copy now.

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