Experience Burning Man from Your Coffee Table with Nothing Left Behind

Every year the annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada draws hundreds of thousands of free-spirited types from around the world to live amongst massive sculptures that artists have built in the stark environment. There is a lot of creativity, free love, drug use and wild outfits, among other things, and at the end of the festival a massive wooden man who has been constructed in the centre of the camp is lit on fire and burned in an apocalyptic yet soul freeing bit of expression. It may be the most photogenic annual festival of humanity in the world and many people have taken advantage of that fact—though no one may have captured it as well as Ander Overgaard, the Danish commercial photographer who is releasing a limited edition of his photos in his book Nothing Left Behind.

In it, Overgaard not only documents Burning Man through photography but also unites his experience and many other people’s experiences through poetic words on different pages. Some of the stories and quotes are his own, while others from people like P. Diddy, Frederik Bockhahn, D.J. Pierce and Maor Cohen, among others.

It may be the best way to explore Burning Man and it’s celebration of life, art, music and fashion without actually attending it on a yearly basis.

Check it out

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