Feed Your Dog Home Inspired Recipes

Feed you dog home inspired recipes in a variety of cuisines just for your furry comrade . This hardcover book, which can be found at Amazon, you can discover ways to feed your dog delicious and nutritious meals because you care about their health, well-being and overall life experience as a dog owner. In “Feed Me: 50 Home Cooked Meals For Your Dog”, find 50 meals for your furry family member. Humans get sick and end up with diseases that need to be treated. The same is true for dogs. This book helps find ways to avoid poor doggy diet. That diet is associated with processed dog food made with preservatives.

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The 50 recipes for dogs in this book are very easy to understand and execute. They can be dose adjusted as there are many sizes of dogs as well as different breeds. This book covers all that. If you have more than one dog, then this book is great to help you find portion control guides for various breeds and sizes of your animal. There are vitamin supplement notes and other ideas for freezing and making large volumes of food for dogs.

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Kevin Waldron illustrated the works in this book. He is also author of Phaidon’s chlidrens book title Harold’s Hungry Eyes. Liviana Prola, the author, is a research scientist at the Department of Veterinary Science at Turin University, Italy, and a doctor of veterinary science.

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