Football: The 100 Most Legendary Moments

They’re moments that had you nervously sitting on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, anxiously awaiting the outcome. Drafted from 150 years of college football and 100 years of the National Football League, these moments have been collected into a single tome by Assouline. “Football: The Impossible Collection—the 100 Most Legendary Moments in History” lists “the historic firsts, unforgettable upsets and routs, amazing plays and unusual happenings” that we all remember.

The 100 Most Legendary Moments

Michael MacCambridge, a noted sports journalist who wrote the award-winning “America’s Game: The Epic Story of How Pro Football Captured a Nation”, brings all these moments together, combining them with photographs, archival documents, and other memorabilia. From the time a college marching band took to the field before the game ended and during the final touchdown of the rival team, to the 54-51 shootout in 2018 between the Rams and the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, this book covers them all. You’ll find the 1869 Princeton vs Rutgers game—the very first college game. Other highlights include the 1906 Ice Bowl, where the first legal forward pass was completed, as well as the Immaculate Reception and the Hail Mary. “There are at least another 70 or 80 events that could reliably stake a claim to belonging on the list,” says MacCambridge. “So then it becomes a question of balance and setting on a mix. It is a test in which there are certainly more than 100 ‘right answers,’ but I’m proud of the list we assembled.”

football history in book compilation

The handcrafted volume comes with a faux pigskin clamshell case that is done to look like a football, complete with the white lacing. It also comes with 200 pages filled with 125 illustrations. The book measures 15.7 inches by 18.5 inches and is over 2.5 inches thick. This is a handsome book that will look impressive on any fan’s coffee table. The book is available through Assouline’s online store and retails for $995. The book will be shipped mid-March.

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Football The 100 Most Legendary Moments