Get a Look Inside the Homes of Surfing Legends in Surf Shacks

“Surf Shacks”, a new book released by German Publisher Gestalten, gives readers an intimate look into the homes—and lives of surfers. Indie surf magazine Indoek has been celebrating surf culture for a decade on its blog. They typically feature content that involves the stories, brands and music of surf culture. Indoek runs a series on its blog called “Surf Shacks”. The series highlights surfers’ homes. The homes run the gamut from converted surf vans to expensive beach houses. Although these homes are all much different, they have one thing in common—they are home to some of the most creative surfers in the world.

surf shacks book front side

Gestalten invited Indoek to publish a book after the project. The 288-page book “Surf Shacks” includes surf shacks from all over the world. The homes belong to individuals that are all part of the surfing community in one way or another. The book has lots of original photos of the homes and also features interviews with the owners.

The surfing community is flooded with individuals that are creative and imaginative, and their homes represent this very well. Readers are given insight into the surfers lives on and off the water.

surf shacks book back side

One of the surfers featured in this book includes Ryan Lovelace, who is an avid surfer and owns the surf shop Trim in Santa Barbara. Ryan is shown with his one-of-a-kind converted bus. This bus, known as the Cosmic Collider, was home to Ryan and his girlfriend Katie until very recently. Also featured is Raimana Van Bastolaer’s oceanfront property in Tahiti. This home is truly paradise. Not only is Raimana Van Bastolaer Tahiti’s most famous surfer, but he also hosts surfers from all over the world. He leases guest houses and rent boats to visitors who come to the island to mainly to surf. All the homes and surfers featured in Surf Shacks are truly captivating. The book is definitely worth a read. We promise it will be hard to put it down once you start reading.

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