Herman Miller A Way of Living Explores a Company’s Influence on Design

Over the last century, furniture has been highly influenced by the innovative work of furniture company Herman Miller. Based out of Michigan, Herman Miller has produced timeless classics that have helped to evolve how we look at modern and contemporary design. In A Way of Living, Amy Auscherman, Sam Grawe, and Leon Ransmeier take a look at how Herman Miller has impacted the world of design.

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Over the course of 10 chapters, A Way of Living explores in depth the company’s history. “There have been other books about Herman Miller in the past,” says Auscherman, “but none that have gone to the detail to not only delve into the company’s history in and of itself, but also position that history and products and architecture and people within the context of culture overall.”

The book is filled with thousands of illustrations and photos, many of which have never been seen before. “We spend two weeks at the Library of Congress going through the Eames photography collection and the manuscript collection. More specifically, there’s an amazing colour slide collection that they kept that really hadn’t been opened up to researchers until we went and sort of poked at them. We were able to get early access and had a lot of materials digitized for the first time.”

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The book’s release will coincide with an exhibition that will be in the Herman Miller flagship store in New York City this summer.

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