Il Fascino Ferrari is as Collectible as its Subject Matter

As far as times go, Il Fascino Ferrari is as beautiful a piece of art as is the inspiration that the book chronicles. Enzo Ferrari started the car company that bears his name in 1947. Since then, the trademark red with the rearing stallion has captured the attention and imagination of generations of car lovers. Taschen’s book covering this history gives access to exclusive content from the Ferrari Archives—something done in close collaboration with Ferrari and only possible with their involvement. In the book, the reader will find hundreds of unseen photographs and documents that until now have only been available in the Ferrari Archives or in private collections. In addition to the photographs, drawings and sketches chronicle Ferrari’s history. The book also holds the original documents of famed Ferrari drivers, and the never-before-seen appendix gathers a list of all Ferrari victories since 1947.

il fascino ferrari red

The book is limited to 1,947 books that are signed and numbered. The cover is handcrafted and leather-bound with hand stitching. It comes in a Ferrari motor inspired aluminum case designed by Marc Newson. The book was written by noted Italian writer and journalist Pino Allievi, who has spent his life documenting the world of sports cars.

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