Lou Reed Revealed in Do Angels Need Haircuts?

In Do Angels Need Haircuts? you’ll discover a side of underground musician and culture writer Lou Reed. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’ll know the iconic band he fronted—the Velvet Underground. Reed’s influence on rock, underground, and alternative music can’t be denied. While Velvet Underground may not have enjoyed commercial success during the band’s existence, Reed did find success in the 20 solo studio albums he released after leaving the band. Reed’s career spanned an impressive five decades before he died in 2013, leaving behind a library of work that’s still influencing the world around us.

Do Angels Need Haircuts? is the first book to be produced by the Lou Reed Archive. This collection of poems, photos, and even a 7″ record provides insights into a turning point in Reed’s career. After leaving Velvet Underground, Reed moved to New York and started down a new path—poetry. The photographs include images of Mick Rock, Moe Tucker, and others, while the poetry zines have rarely been shared. The record features tracks from the previously unreleased audio of the St. Mark’s Church reading in 1971. The foreword was written by Anne Waldman, a cultural and political activist who has been an active member of the Outrider experimental poetry community since the 1960s. Don Fleming, a successful front man for several bands, provided the archival notes. Reed’s third wife, Laurie Anderson, provided the afterword. In Do Angels Need Haircuts? Reed reveals the soul behind the creativity that influenced a culture.

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