Osher Günsberg Reveals Battle with Weight and Mental Illness in New Tell-All

He’s one of Australia’s most loved celebrities and often considered the most popular male on The Bachelor. He is the artist formally known as Andrew G, Osher Gunsberg. And he’s written a book.

Back, After the Break is described as a powerful, dark, funny and heart-wrenching memoir about life, love and living with mental illness.

From Channel V presenter to host of Australian Idol and now The Bachelor and its spin-offs, It’s hard to remember a time when Osher Gunsberg wasn’t on Australian TV. In his book, Osher reminisces on hanging out with The Offspring backstage at the Warped Tour and announcing to a national audience of three million people that Guy Sebastian was the first Idol winner.

While Osher is currently ‘killing it’ on The Bachelor, the real picture hasn’t always been so perfect.

Osher had suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and weight issues since a young age. He tried to drink away the depression, ending up unemployed, divorced, suicidal and certifiable on the other side of the world. Yet he managed to put the broken pieces of his mind back together and build a new rich and fulfilling life for himself. Find out how inside the book.

Comedian Wil Anderson describes it as “packed full of raw honesty, genuine emotion and plenty of laughs…A must read.”

Back, After the Break is available now. If words aren’t your strong suit, try the audiobook. It’s even read by Osher.

Check it out

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