“P is for Pterodactyl” is a Terrible Alphabet Book

There’s no denying that English is a strange language. There are more exceptions to the rules than there are actual rules. Spelling can be a nightmare, thanks to words with silent letters that make no sense. You’ve got night and knight, or isle and aisle, gnat and gnocchi. Then there’s pterodactyl and pneumonia. And where did mnemonic come from?

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With all those mischievous words out there, you need a guide to help you pass through all the confusion. That’s where P Is for Pterodactyl comes in. Written by Raj Haldar, better known as rapper, composer, and producer Lushlife, this alphabet book takes a humorous look at the funnier side of English.

With the help of Chris Carpenter and illustrator Maria Beddia, Lushlife explores the most peculiar spelling and grammar rules. As the book notes, English is bizarre. A is for apple, sure, but it’s also for aisle and aeons. Neither “gnat” or “knot” start with “N.”

terrible alphabet book mnemonic

Lushlife explained the origin of the book as being a shared Google document where he and others would add words that caught their attention. “After a while,” said Lushlife, “it became pretty clear that the words we had collected implied a fantastic universe full of gnomes, czars, and tsunamis.”

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If you’ve got a logophile in your life, then this might be the best gift you can give them.

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