A Rare Glimpse into The Soul of a Legend: Ali

It’s never a bad time to get excited about the GOAT, but during Black History Month it seems even more paramount to celebrate the life and successes of Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.

 muhammad ali and his wife

Ali is a beautiful photo-collection cultivated and curated by Sports Illustrated portrait photographer, Steve Schapiro. In 1963 he traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to spend five long and impactful days with the budding superstar.

 shirt in hand of muhammad ali

Not possessing the moniker “Ali” yet, Clay was slightly more reserved during this time than most know him. But don’t get it twisted, he still possessed his bravado, incredible wit and intelligence, supreme pride, and sharp tongue. All traits that show through clearly and stunningly in Schapiro’s beautiful imagery.

 muhammad ali and men

Ali is a combination of many first-time-seen photos that offer a small glimpse into the early life of a star on the rise. This unbelievable collection is an amazing gallery of one of the most outstanding, impressive, influential, and shocking American icons of the last 100 years.

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