Is This The New Bible for Sneakerheads?

Unless you’re a sneakerhead, how often do you actually pay attention to your shoes? When you buy them? When you step in the surprise your neighbour’s dog left in your yard? But when do shoes make you stop and consider what life is really all about?

bible for sneakerheads on hand

The book Sneakers, by Rodrigo Corrall, Alex French, and Howie Kahn, explores ever conceivable facet of the world of sneakers and sneaker culture. Filled with impressive artwork and photography, Sneakers is also an exploration of the cultural phenomenon surrounding the ongoing craze. How could such a simple topic take up 320 pages? Well, it is an $85 billion a year industry.

sneakers by howie kahn

Sneakers reveals how the athletic shoe industry has helped shape our culture through interviews with a list of the industry’s who’s-who and household names. You’ll read insights from people like Jeff Staple, whose designs resell for $6000 and whose shoes kicked off a riot in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 2005. You’ll also find out what it was like to work with Michael Jordan on commercials, or with Kanye West on shoe designs. Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams also share their experiences, with many, many more.

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