The Swiss Army Knife Book: 63 Outdoor Projects

The iconic Swiss Army Knife has been the pocket multi-tool of choice for ages, yet many of us employ it for only a few mundane tasks. Felix Immler is here to change all thatOn his popular Youtube channel, the trained mechanic and nature educator excels at bushcraft using the sparsest of resources. And in The Swiss Army Knife Book, the woodsman offers no less than 63 projects that require nothing but the trusty pocket tool. And to think you bought a Swiss Army Knife with the sole intent of opening beer bottles. For shame!

swiss army knife cutting wood

From the book, expect helpful tips on bushcraft as well as Swiss Army Knife techniques. Projects range from basic to comprehensive and are joined by vivid photography and a compulsively accessible layout. Indeed, whether you’re looking for some outdoor weekend action or planning to live in the woods like a hermit, The Swiss Army Knife Book has you covered.

swiss army knife in the hand

Immler definitely practices what he preaches. Known for his popular Youtube channel, the woodsman famously builds camps in the wilderness using nothing more than his beloved pocketknife. He also crafts objects like chairs and even refrigerators using basic, natural materials. With his book, you’re not only guaranteed a new outdoor hobby, but you’ll assuredly have a leg up should the apocalypse ever strike. Hmmm…now that we think about it, we should get another copy for ourselves.

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