The Campout Cookbook Turns You into a Campfire Chef

The Campout Cookbook is what you need to tackle that final difficulty of camping—cooking a good meal. Coming back to the campfire after a hike through the beauty of nature can be quickly ruined by a meal of freeze-dried food or out-of-date-off-the-shelves stale supermarket food. Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson, who also authored the IACP Award winning The Picnic, have put together a cooking book meant just for leaving civilization behind, but taking the food with you. The book includes more than 75 recipes for meals prepared around the campfire, including wood-fired skillet pizzas, backcountry stews and chilies, fire roasted vegetables, and cast iron breads. You’ll also learn how to cook jerkies and put together dips and high-energy bars. And it’s not just dinners. You’ll find secrets on creating satisfying breakfasts, plus desserts, cocktails, coolers, libations, and even a Blood Orange Bug Juice.

You don’t have to be a camping expert for this book, either. The authors have included tips and tricks on how to find a suitable campsite and how to set yourself up for a successful meal, including how to set up the right kind of campfire for cooking. You’ll also find information on stargazing, packing correctly (how and what to pack), and even a few scary stories for after the meal.

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