This Father Hood Book Will Help Modern Dads Thrive

Aussie blog and popular dad community, The Father Hood, is gearing up to release its first book which shines a light on the roles of the modern dad. The Father Hood: Inspiration For The New Dad Generation is 328-pages of stories, stats, quotes and celebrity interviews to help modern dads thrive and survive in the only job that really counts. Because sadly, kids don’t come with instruction manuals.

Within the book, Hugh Jackman reflects on his father’s best advice, and Osher Günsberg details the joys of becoming a step-dad. Funnyman Ben Stiller reveals how his kids have redefined his view of success, Mark Wahlberg explains why actions speak louder than words and Michael Klim tells how his divorce actually made him a better dad.

Australia’s top fatherhood experts including Steve Biddulph, Prof Richard Fletcher, Madonna King and more reflect on the changing nature of fatherhood and it’s wide-ranging implications for men. The Father Hood also dives into ideas of dads at a time when traditional gender roles are dying and aims to answer how 21st-century dads navigate this new terrain.

father hood book for dads

The book also champions the thrilling diversity of the new fatherhood. From gay dads to single dads, it’s a look at male parents from all walks of life who are doing it their way and doing it well.

The team behind The Father Hood are releasing a new book because they believe becoming a dad is the greatest opportunity a man can get. To be better than he’s ever been before; stronger, wiser, more driven and more compassionate. That’s not always easy; it’s bloody hard – so the extra inspiration is always handy.

The Father Hood: Inspiration For The New Dad Generation is published August 5, 2019.

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