Uh Huh Honey Chronicles Kanye’s Tweets

Uh Huh Honey is a collection of Kanye West’s tweets on twitter. Given Kanye’s propensity for both poetic and insane comments on the twitterverse, it’s not surprising to see someone capture those comments and then bind them into a book. Never afraid to speak his mind, West has often resorted to twitter to express his viewpoints. But in a digital world where things can be there one minute and gone the next, those tweets can easily disappear. As author Red Gaskell notes, “Who knows when Kanye might delete his tweets so I’ve immortalized them here with some illustrations.” The book is filled with keen insights and off-the-wall ramblings—the kind of thing that we’ve grown to expect from the noted rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and fashion designer.

uh huh honey chronicles kanye back cover

The book also benefits from the illustrations of Red Gaskell. The tweets have been paired with those illustrations to help demonstrate West’s thoughts on life, creativity, and more. Uh Huh Honey is available in paperback from Amazon books.

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