Van Life: Your Home on the Road by Foster Huntington

Whether you do it alone or with your closest mates, loading up a van and hitting the road can be a downright spiritual experience. Not only will it provide a much-needed break from your stressful routine, but it can expose you to a wealth of epic locales and cultures alike. Of course, even life on the road comes with down time, and what better way to fill that time than by reading about life on the road. For that, check out Foster Huntington’s extraordinary bookVan Life: Your Home on the Road.

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Designed for those who road trip extensively, or at least plan to, Van Life is a veritable smorgasborg of travel porn. More to the point, the book features an array of crowd-sourced photographs from the van-dwelling author’s Tumblr account. Leaping from the pages are vivid pictures of classic vans both inside and out, majestic beaches, epic mountain ranges, and everything else one might encounter or employ on their next road trip. That’s joined by profiles of American travellers who live the dream one pit stop at a time.

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Huntington, meanwhile, assuredly practices what he preaches. In 2011, he quit a job in fashion and spent three years driving around America in a camper van. Along the way, he created a Tumblr account and the hashtag #vanlife, which became the foundation for much of the book’s content. Nowadays, Huntington lives in a treehouse along the Columbia River Gorge in Washington. Suffice to say, when it comes to life on the road (or in a tree), you couldn’t be in better hands.

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