Vintage Bicycles: How to Find and Restore Old Cycles by Gianluca Zaghi

Across the world, commuters and day trippers alike have become passionate about their cycling, and with good reason. After all, biking promotes strong health, reduces your carbon footprint, and gets you to where you’re going at the same time. Being that cycling has been established as no passing fad, there’s no harm in educating yourself on the craft, maintenance and heritage of classic bicycles. For that, check out Gianluca Zaghi’s new bookVintage Bicycles: How to Find and Restore Old Cycles, and let it be your guide.

Zaghi’s title pretty much says it all. Inside the pages of Vintage Bicycles you’ll find gorgeous photography along with a trusty handbook on how to find and restore classic bikes. That includes casual pointers, intensive visual breakdowns, and an overview of all the tools and products you’ll need for proper restoration. The book even dives into details about components like the handlebar and saddle. Meanwhile, up to thirty popular vintage bikes are showcased.

There was once a time where knowing how to change a car tire made you more handy than the next guy. These days, being able to restore a bike makes you just as resourceful. And if the task sounds too demanding, you can always buy the book to check out the pretty pictures instead.

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