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collage of boyfriends taking photos

50+ Best of Boyfriends of Instagram

As if the Internet wasn’t already meta enough, there’s a popular new trend taking it by storm: pictures of people taking pictures. Specifically, the Instagram and Facebook accounts “Boyfriends of Instagram” exhibit various men taking photos of their respective partners, presumably for the purposes of social media. In the process, each account highlights the extreme lengths a man will take (or be forced to take, rather) to capture the perfect shot. Meanwhile, the Instagram page alone has over 137K followers, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how the Internet works in 2018.

Apparently, “Boyfriends of Instagram” is run by two anonymous Aussie gents, possibly Man of Many co-founders Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur…just kidding (or am I?). Check out the pics below to witness the ridiculous extremes your mates are going to these days in their efforts to please. Then scope our Instagram Girls of the Month feature to see how it all pays off in the end.

Check it out

man takes photo of wife at beach

man taking photo of wife

man taking photo of girlfriend at orchard

the best of boyfriends of instagram

men taking a photo in water

men taking beside swimming pool

men taking photo sitting on the stone

men taking photo of women sitting on shoulder

photographer taking photo lying on the road

photographer taking photo of beautiful women

smart photographer taking photo at beach

women capture her image standing in pool

photographer taking photo sitting on the leg

new style of photography

photographer wearing hat

movie style photography

women standing glass in the hand

men talking photo of cute girl

instagram boyfriend taking photo beside ocean

instagram boyfriend taking photo many women's

women sitting on railing

instagram boyfriend taking photo lying on the road

instagram boyfriend taking photo sitting on the stone

instagram boyfriend taking photo under an umbrella

women lying down on the grasses

beautiful women sitting

instagram boyfriend taking photo on the boat

instagram boyfriend taking photo of women back

women jumping photo

women taking photo in the garden

women taking photo in the sand

women taking photo sitting on the rocking

women taking photo on bridge

taking photo standing in the water

women taking photo with wearing lingerie

women taking photo to sitting on the rail line

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