breathtaking joanne mckay goes offline

Breathtaking Joanne McKay Goes “Off-Line”

Shot in the jungles of Indonesia, Bali-based model Joanne McKay stars in “Off-Line,” a shoot about a day-trip to a hidden paradise, where a (sexy) young woman finds peace, serenity and a break from the daily hustle.

“Off-line is a kick in the ass for all of us to remember the beauty that exists right outside of our walls,” explains photographer Josh Patil. “ the story of re-connecting with nature and discovering the beauty of detaching from the screens that we spent way too much time with.”

You can find stacks more from Josh and the stunning 24-year-old Joanne McKay on Instagram. They are both worth a look. Joanne is currently sitting on 157k followers. With that many followers, there’s no way you could be lead astray.

Source – C-Heads
Photographer – Josh Patil
Model – Joanne McKay

Check it out

joanne mckay lying down in the hill

joanne mckay standing in the fount

 joanne mckay sitting beside fount

joanne mckay stylish model

 joanne mckay wearing blue bra and penti

 joanne mckay wearing white bra penti

joanne mckay nice pose

joanne mckay sitting on stone over bridge

 joanne mckay caught her bra by hand

touch the hair joanne mckay

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