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brown cardigan celebrates their 10,000th post on instagram

Brown Cardigan Celebrates Their 10,000th Instagram Post

Australians all let us rejoice...

While the nature of an individual meme may be, by definition, something which captures and reflects the immediate zeitgeist of a particular culture, Brown Cardigan goes one further and coordinates the freshest, illest, most lit content from the depths of the internet, Australia’s beer gardens, roads, parks, music festivals, and any where frequented by cooked c*nts, possums, magpies, cranky old men, or Shane Warne.

The website, which its anonymous curators described as a: “Wordless mood-board for perverted immature grown folks, Blogservational humour at its finest/worst,” and, “one of the key reasons Lord Alfie Gore hasn’t switched off the Web (World Wide) yet,” during an interview with It’s Nice That, is visited by millions each month, all in search of the spiciest memes and the most incisive observations on the rich tapestry that is Australian culture, or rather, lack of it.

Who is Brown Cardigan?

With several years under its belt, and one of the largest social media followings in Australia, Brown Cardigan has become a national treasure; a stalwart of the millennial’s daily routine, and a precursor to what is now an industry for comedy, parody news, satire and commentary on all that is Aussie in a way which mocks, but endearingly. From Mad Dog Adrian to Australia’s most beloved chain smoking spin bowler; cheeky possums to swoopy boiz, and everything in between, Brown Cardigan doesn’t just coordinate a stream of content, it sets the national mood for a whole generation, one set of memes at a time.

Don’t believe me? How many people now make sure they thank the bus driver? Told ya.

In celebration of their 10,000th Instagram post, the Browncardigan lads have coordinated a collection of their finest content: very much the creme de la creme of Antipodean shareable memes and videos, often of people on extra-curricula substances chewing their face off (we’re looking at you, Shannon Noll).

Scroll down, and enjoy, c*nce.

Brown Cardigan

Brown Cardigan on Insta