Catching Up With Anne-Claire Ameslon

Somewhere in between learning to speak Japanese and working as a physiotherapist, Anne manages to pose for seductive shoots like this particular one for C-Heads Magazine and photographer Servan Ilyne.

Anne-Claire Ameslon, the French-Japanese model, spent three hours with Servan in his Paris flat where the lens captured the blonde babe’ natural talents. Apparently, Anne is not too fond of clothing, who can blame her? If teasing you with this revealing shoot is not enough to entice, Servan stated that Anne is definitely the sweetest person he’s ever met. Head over to C-Heads for the complete set including NSFW images.

Publication: C-Heads Magazine
Model: Anne-Claire Ameslon
Photographer: Servan Ilyne

Check it out

anne claire ameslon laughing

anne claire ameslon sleeping on the chair

anne claire ameslon drinking coca cola

anne claire close her face by hair

anne claire ameslon wearing black t shirt

anne claire ameslon wearing sweater

anne claire ameslon wearing white t shirt

anne claire ameslon without dress

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