Comedian Jim Jefferies Chats With Man of Many

Jim Jefferies, one of the biggest names in stand up comedy is coming back to Australia for his “Jim Jefferies Live” tour, and we’re excited. With six TV specials and sitcom under his belt, Jim continues to sell out venues worldwide with his brash, unapologetic brand of humour. We recently chatted with Jim to find out what he’s been up to lately.

Since we last chatted, what’s been happening in the world of Jim Jeffries over the past year?

Well, more of the same. I’m trying to get a new TV show up and running. I’ve sold a script for a new show on a network over here in America and hopefully we can make a pilot out of that; hopefully we can make a series after that. And other than that, I have just been touring around America and Canada and Britain. I just did some shows in Holland. The same old, same old. My little boy’s a bit older. Me and my girlfriend are still together; everything is going good. 

You’re coming back to Australia soon for your Jim Jefferies Tour. What do you enjoy the most about coming home?

Dude, I love Australian food. That sounds like a stupid answer but that’s what I most get excited about. Eating food in Australia. High end stuff right down to a pie from 7Eleven. I gain a lot of weight. Every time I’m in Australia, I gain about fifteen pounds I think. I’m just eating fucking pies every day or Ogalo burgers in Sydney and I’ve got some things that I am very keen on. I will eat a shit load of bread as well in Australia, because the bread is good. The bread is shit in America, it’s all just covered in sugar and crap. And prawns; I just go into shops and I buy two kilos of prawns and I sit there and peel them and eat them just straight with no sauce, no nothing. I just eat them. 

L.A. is known for having one of the toughest stand-up comedy scenes. You’ve been quite successful. Do you come across many other Aussie comics over there?

I don’t see many. There is a couple. Nick Cody’s come out here a few times. I’ve seen Will Anderson. I’ve seen Rove McManus around but I don’t really go down the clubs that much, to be honest with you. I’m too busy with the tours. There is probably a few blokes that I don’t even really know that well who have come out here. I never really did much stand-up comedy in Australia, I did most of it in the UK and in America, so I don’t know a lot of the younger fellas but maybe there is ten out here, ten or twelve. There is not loads. Tim Minchin does very well out here. I see him every now and again, but he is a different animal altogether because it involves the piano and a bigger production and all that type of stuff.

There’s never been a lot of Australian stand-up comics in America. It’s a very hard place to get into, with paperwork and stuff like that. It’s just the problem between here and England; if you go to England you can earn two hundred pounds every time you get up on stage. If you go to LA, you don’t earn anything! You don’t earn anything to get up on stage, you are doing it for free, so it’s a very costly process to actually get up and running in this country. I think a lot of people come over for a month and they go “ah, fuck this” and they just go back quick to Australia.

possibility that trump could become president

Now that you are spending so much time in the States, what are your thoughts on the possibility that Trump could become President?

Yeah, he might become Republican Leader but he won’t be able to touch the President because Mexicans hate him and if you don’t have the Mexican vote then you can’t win. It’s true. That’s just the facts. But I don’t think he wants to be President. I think he wants more notoriety and just losing or becoming the Republican Leader; he will go and do public speaking and earn a quarter of a million dollars every time he goes up and sells some redneck company. To him it’s more fame, more money he will make. He will make more money if he loses than if he wins. If he wins, the salary for the President is $250,000 a year. A shitty salary for the job.

If you could be Trump for a day, what would you do?

“Have sex with his daughter!” – Jim Jefferies

A lot of the topics that you cover are often considered edgy or controversial and as much as we love you and as much as so many people enjoy it, it has attracted a few haters. Last time we spoke, you mentioned that once you got punched in the face while on stage; have you had any other memorable angry audience members, activists or trolls?

Yeah. I get hate mail every day. When I say mail; Facebook messages and what not. I get that every day. It only bothers me if it gets a little bit threatening. As for people coming up and hitting me, I have a lot of security these days at shows. I’ve got people on the edge of the stage, I’ve got people at every exit, I’ve got people who are in the wings of the stage so I’m pretty well surrounded. No one is going to punch me. Someone might stand up and shoot me one day but no one is going to be able to punch me.

For those who are heading to see your upcoming “Jim Jefferies Live” shows in Australia, what can they expect?

Well, new material. I am trying to write the show as we speak. I am about to record my new special in March. It won’t have aired in Australia by that stage, so there will be a few jokes off that and a few newer bits and lots of other stuff. But, you know, I’m an older Jim Jefferies of course, so I don’t think there is going to be as much sex as there used to be in my old shows because I am a guy in a relationship with a kid, so I’m not having that much sex myself. There is a lot of stuff talking about having a kid, a lot of stuff talking about politics and social commentary and obviously there is religious stuff that I always go on about and a few little stories throughout.

Finally, what’s next on the horizon for Jim Jefferies?

Well, I don’t know. I might be doing some more acting but if I don’t do anymore acting, I’m pretty comfortable with it. I don’t know, more stand up, I guess. I will just keep doing stand up and I think I’d like to maybe write a movie or something like that. I’ve written TV shows and now I wouldn’t mind at having a go at writing a movie. 

Stand up is always the constant and everything I try to do is, I try to do something different each time.

To see Jim’s upcoming “Jim Jefferies Live” show head to for tour dates.

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