The Cure For What Ales You – Liquid Education: Beer by Will Hawkes

London-based food and travel writer Will Hawkes is asking that you consider beer as more than just that thing you digest through a funnel. His book Liquid Education: Beer: From Hop to Perfect Pour pays tribute to our carbonated friend and offers tips for the young aficionado and potential brewer alike. This is the ideal companion for those of you who are finally realizing that beer can actually taste good when you’re not swallowing an entire can in one gulp.

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Liquid Education is a history book and guidebook rolled into one. In “”pint-sized”” chapters the book defines exactly what beer is and breaks the boozy beverage down according to type. It then explores the roots of various styles such as IPA before taking readers all the way up to the modern day explosion of craft brewing. After that the book becomes a helpful “”how to”” for the aspiring home brewer who wants to impress his friends with his own poorly named domestic ale. Lastly, Hawkes expands on beer from a culinary perspective by teaching readers how to cook using beer and how to pair the right pint with the right dish for some appetizing interplay. For the reader’s enjoyment the book also includes illustrations by Daniella Germain.

Whether you’re an avid beer enthusiast or shopping for your beer-bellied best friend, Liquid Education is a veritable treasure trove of helpful knowledge and the perfect gift this upcoming holiday season.

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