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Inside Disneyland’s Ridiculous New Avengers Campus

Millions of Avengers fans want to live like a superhero and now they can, presuming they can make it to California’s Disneyland Resort. Now open inside Disney California Adventure Park is the all-new Avengers Campus, which brings all your action-packed dreams to life. In true MCU fashion, this theme-park-within-a-theme-park even comes with its own comprehensive backstory. The letters CAMPUS are an acronym for Centralised Assembly Mobilised to Prepare, Unite, and Safeguard, and the complex itself was once owned by Stark Industries founder Howard Stark, who bequeathed it to his son Tony.

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Meticulously designed, the new Avengers Campus consists of several locations, each with its own Avenger (or respective ally) as a host. In the heart of the campus is the Avengers Headquarters, where the iconic superheroes convene to plan their next epic adventure. Look to the top of the iconic building and you’ll spot a glimmering Quinjet, which doubles as an identifiable beacon for the area at large.

Suffice it to say, you’re in for an immersive experience. There are too many attractions to list individually but highlights include two thrilling rides. One is Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, a fan-favourite since it debuted in 2017. Guests take on the role of the Guardians as they embark on a rescue mission, which culminates with an exhilarating free-fall drop sequence.

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The other ride is WEB SLINGERS: A SpiderMan Adventure and it pulls out all the technological stops to deliver an interactive escapade. Throw on the 3D glasses as you join Spidey at WEB, where you’ll test drive a new superhero vehicle and even sling webs for yourself.

“We believe the world needs more superheroes,” said Brent Strong, executive creative director at Walt Disney, in an exclusive quote. “Avengers Campus is this brand new land at California Adventure that is devoted to inspiring the next generation of heroes.”

Regarding the new Spider-Man ride, Strong added, “After watching superhero movies I think all of us really want to try and test our powers and sling webs and that’s what this ride inspiration is based off. The Spider-Man web blasters ride creates an opportunity for the whole family to participate.”

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Meanwhile, the interactive rides are but two amongst a slate of Avengers-themed experiences lying in wait. As guests will soon discover, every aspect of the Avengers Campus culls from the imaginative world of superheroes. For example, one can grab a bite at the Shawarma Palace food cart, which draws upon the famous “shawarma joint” at the end of the first Avengers movie. The park is also overloaded with key characters and elaborate locales, such as the Ancient Sanctum, where Doctor Strange practices the mystic arts and powerful spells before one’s very eyes.

Fun for the whole family, the new Avengers Campus goes out to loyal fans and newbies alike. With its interactive experiences and iconic characters—including Ant-Man and The Wasp for the first time—the area delivers all kinds of glorious surprises. Hop on a ride or two and live out your superhero fantasies before grabbing a drink and a bite. And don’t forget to download the Play Disney Parks app, which you’ll need to join the virtual queue for the Spider-Man attraction, amongst other things. Adventure awaits.

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