Dreaming of Tash Galgut

Saturday Morning; That rare occasion when you can leave the world behind, relax and free your mind. She joins you on the porch. Her shirt’s open revealing skimpy lingerie that’s worn entirely for your benefit. Her bold hazel eyes and subtle smile exude confidence and a playful nature. Her name is Tash. She doesn’t need to to read your mind to know what you’re thinking. Your face says it all.

Sydney-based photographer Chris Dwyer got up close and personal with model Tash Galgut for this revealing and empowering shoot. That jealousy you feel, completely normal.

Publication:  RektMag
Photographer:  Chris Dwyer
Model:  Tash Galgut
Lingerie:  ASTON & Mirandalee Intimates

Check it out

tash galgut sitting on the table

tash galgut wearing pant

tash galgut opening up her bra

tash galgut attractive mood

tash galgut wearing white shirt

tash galgut sitting with wearing white shirt

tash galgut sitting reclining on the wall

tash galgut looking backwards

tash galgut wearing white bra

tash galgut wearing white lingerie

tash galgut sitting without dress

tash galgut looking hot

tash galgut smiling

tash galgut standing in the room

tash galgut black and white image

tash galgut black and white image without dress

tash galgut sitting on the floor

tash galgut standing with wearing lingerie

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