Festival of Steve is an Annual Celebration of the Modern Man

For one day only, you can gain entry to an exclusive members club without being related to a current member, knowing the secret handshake or braving through a torturous initiation. You can skip all the pain Homer Simpson felt when he was initiated into The Stonecutters. On June 3, Melbourne’s City Precinct will host the annual Festival of Steve, an event that celebrates the modern man by showcasing unique designers, retailers, purveyors of classic merchandise, stylists and outfitters from across Melbourne. The festival is held at the members only The Kelvin Club, one of the oldest exclusive clubs in the city.

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This year, exhibitors include dynamic start-ups Article by Courtney Holm, Kimshu, Noble by Boble, Man of Many favourites Melbourne Watch Co., MET Designs, Trimly and Wawa Chocolatier as well as the return of Carl Nave – Individually Tailored, Farrah Life Equipment, Fortis Green Apparel, Lord Coconut, Mens Biz, Sally Mackinnon – Stylist for Men, Sinkonah Tonic, Little Brixton and The Wondersnack Co.

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Venue The Kelvin Club is a private members-only club formed in 1865 and located at 14-30 Melbourne Place, Melbourne. The club was originally built in 1873 as a warehouse for JB Watson and also served as a radio station for numerous broadcasters before The Kelvin Club took up residence. The club held a long history of admitting only males until 1995 when changes to liquor licensing laws opened the doors to female members. To join this exclusive club, one must be referred by a current member, and a seconder, before approval from a committee. However, The Kelvin Club’s doors are open to all for the Festival of Steve.

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Festival of Steve will offer tastings of some of Melbourne’s finest food and Beverage as well as giving you the opportunity to chat with those who keep men primped, preened and perfectly presented. Entry to the event is free, but donations to support Beyond Blue will be accepted upon your arrival. We’ll see you at The Kelvin Club June 3 for everything stylish and manly.

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