Five Vid Friday #10 – City Snowmobiling, Pube Science, Drunk People & More

It’s that time again. Five Vid Friday is here, where we bring 5 of our favourite videos of the week. This week we bring you city snowmobiling, pube shaving science, rock ‘n’ roll history, 5 Olympic hopefuls and drunk people.

Urban Snowboarding

This is epic! Levi LaVallee absolutely shreds the city of Saint Paul on his snowmobile. Witness airs across city buildings and sliding tracks over the bitumen. Every second of this video is incredible.


Should You Shave Your Pubes?

Whether you’re a manscaper or you’re rocking that 70’s fuzz, the scientifically proven pros and cons of how you like to treat your genital mop are explained in this video.


History of Rock

From Elvis, to Hendrix, to the white stripes, this video 14 mins of classic rock history remix into a single edit.


The Contenders

5 different athletes, 5 different sports, 1 common goal – to make it to the Rio Olympics.


Funny Drunk Fails

In honour of St. Patricks day here is a compilation of drunk people, being drunk people.

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