Five Vid Friday #2 – Donald Trump, Bowie, Rick & Morty, Snowboarders in a Waterpark and 2015 Smartphones

Grab a beer, sit back, relax, and enjoy our new weekly series here on Man of Many, Five Vid Friday. A feature where we bring you five entertaining videos to help you end your week with a smile. This episode includes a smart phone expert in MKBHD, Donald Trump, a philosopher, the late David Bowie and some stoner snowboarders.

2015 Smartphone Awards

MKBHD lays down the law on what he deems are the best smartphones of 2015. He’s by far our favourite YouTube tech reviewer, so what he deems is the best is basically gospel to us. Covering what’s the best large phone, budget phone, best battery life, best designed phone and best camera, he’s got you covered if there’s something specific you’re looking for in making your next phone purchase.

How Donald Trump Answers A Question

Nerdwriter1 is a newly found YouTube channel of ours and it’s one of those undiscovered gems. He produces these absolutely stunning visual essays that will make you think a lot deeper than your average cat video. Here he digests how Donald Trump, who’s an absolute knob by the way, goes about answering what is seemingly a relatively simple question.

The Philosophy of Rick and Morty

I’ve been meaning to watch this show for a while as I’d heard good things but after watching this breakdown of the philosophy and sci-fi existentialism behind the show I’m even more keen. Similar to Nerdwriter1, Wisecrack produce regular videos exploring the philosophies within our favourite pop culture shows or movies. They also cover a lot of dick jokes.

9 Songs that Sampled David Bowie

It’s only fitting that in this week of mourning one of the greats, David Bowie, we take a look back at what influence he had on the music world. It’s a lot wider than can be catalogues. Truly a figure larger than life, here Vox explores 9 famous songs than sampled the legendary man.

Snowboarding an Empty Waterpark

An action packed vid to finish things off. Who would’ve thought that a water park could be so much fun in Winter? Imagine this: snow-covered water slides, high dives as jibs, no lines or entrance fees, and a group of your buds to shred. What more could you ask for? Cheers to Red Bull for this one.

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