Five Vid Friday #3 – Naked Sushi, Suicide Squad, Snow F1, Skateboard Weapon, Aussie Surf

Time to put up your feet, it’s Five Vid Friday! Treat yourself to some well-earned “you” time and tune into the latest instalment of Man of Many’s weekly series – “5 Five Vid Friday”. This week we explore the world of naked sushi, the Suicide Squad, Max Verstappen’s snow F1, Craig Anderson surfing and the slingshot guy.

Suicide Squad Official Trailer

So, the official Suicide Squad Trailer dropped this week and people are losing their minds. After the Comic-Con teaser we’ve been hanging out waiting for another taste of this crazy band of DC comics supervaillains, and especially Margot Robbie as one of the hottest psychopaths in film history. Despite all the influx fan hate aimed towards Jared Leto for landing the role of the Joker, this is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of 2016.


Eating Sushi Off a Naked Woman

The least samurai looking guy you’ve ever seen is carrying on an old samurai tradition of Nyotaimori, or what we like to call – eating sushi off a naked woman. Best thing about this practice is because of sushi chefs like Mark Scharaga, you don’t have be sword wielding warrior to partake in the experience.


F1 Driving in the Snow

Belgian-Dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen takes to the slopes of Austria and drifts in the snow. Never before have I seen a F1 car tyres with snow chains, but when Red Bull get involved with anything, the results are always crazy.


Craig Anderson Surf

Craig Anderson carves some of the smoothest lines we’ve ever seen. Watch 12 minutes of Craig riding some of Australia’s top secluded surf spots and enjoy the stunning visuals put together by director Kai Neville.


Weaponising a Skateboard

If you haven’t heard of JoergSprave, he’s a guy one YouTube that can make weapons from just about anything. His latest challenge was to make a slingshot from a skateboard, and boy  is it devastating. In the words of Jeorg “a clean kill, hahahahaha”

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