Five Vid Friday #34 – Abandoned Drug Mansion, Snake Feeding Frenzy, Real Life Cyborg Tattoo Artist & More.

Here we are again with another instalment of “Five Vid Friday”, our weekly series where we share our five favourite videos we’ve found this week. So kick back, relax and kill some time with some of of the internet’s best offerings. You’re in for a treat.

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Igauna Chased by 100’s of Snakes

Just when you thought the scary Haloween season was over, something like  this pops up makes you realise what nightmares are truly made of. This epic chase footage of a baby iguana being stalked and pursued by scores of snakes is tense, captivating and downright frightening. We have no idea what island this takes place, but we damn sure never ever want to set foot there!


Crazy POV Urban Downhill Mountain Biking

Equipped with GoPros to capture their journey, Chris Van Dine, Antoine Bizet and Wil White take us on a ride through the narrow winding Streets of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico as they absolutely destroy the urban downhill mountain bike track.


Cyborg Tattoo Artist

We love a good success story, especially when it involves triumph over adversity. Jean-Louis Gonzal didn’t let his amputated right hand prevent him from pursuing his dream of becoming an acclaimed tattoo artist. Equipped with his prosthetic arm and a tattoo gun, Jean is an inspiration to all of us.


Abandoned Drug Dealer’s Mansion

The location of this mansion, the identity of the drug dealer and the reason the home was abandoned is unknown to us. There’s a strong element of intrigue residing within the walls of the mansion, which subsequently makes this video strange, interesting and slightly creepy.


Watch a vegetarian eat meat for the first time in 22 years

Have you ever met someone who’s told you they’re vegetarian, only for you to respond by spending the next 5 minutes attempting to seduce and encourage them to try some meat? Well Stephanie Potakis, hadn’t eaten meat in 22 years and recently decided to taste it once again.

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