Five Vid Friday #5 – Bird Vs. Drone, Illegal Buggy, Snow Gun, Street Football & Pipe Surf

It’s Friday and works sucks. You’ve been productive all week, so f*@k it, you’ve earned yourself the right to take a sec and enjoy yourself. On “Five Vid Friday” Man of Many brings you five of the interweb’s best videos each week. For this week’s instalment we’re bringing you bird vs. drone, illegal buggy, snow gun, street football & surfing pipeline.

Eagle Trained to Attack Drone

I’m not sure what the Dutchman responsible for this idea was smoking when he thought of this, but this could be one of the craziest things I’ve seen all year. Apparently in the Netherlands police are training a flock of attack-eagles to combat nuisance drones.


Dune Buggy Loose in San Diego

Blake Wilkey, who drives one the sickest dune buggies we’ve ever seen, decided to take his baby for a spin around the streets of San Diego. Sliding sideways around suburban corners, getting air over embankments and driving the hell out of this beast, in true  Wilkey style. Unfortunately for Blake, this was not a closed set, these were public roads, in suburban neighbourhoods and HIGHLY illegal. Police watch YouTube too, and the local cops are launching an investigation.


Pumping Surf at Pipeline

Conditions for day 2 of the 2016 Pipe Pro could not have been any better. The sun was shinning, the barrels were cavernous and the surfing was epic. Sit back and marvel as the pros ride Hawaii’s most famous wave.


NYC Street Football

This is part 2 of a Vice Sports documentary series exploring some of America’s toughest football players in NYC’s Street leagues. No Helmets necessary.


Snowball Machine Gun

Making DIY weapons are always bad-ass, especially when they’re safe enough to aim at your friends. What do you have planned for snow day?