Five Vid Friday #7 – Return of Pamela, Mean Tweets, Tennis Chest, Bosbsled Mountain Bike & Skate Tour

Take a timeout and stimulate yourself right now. It’s Five Vid Friday and Man of Many is bringing you 5 of our favourite videos on from this week’s internet.


Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Again)

Some things get old old. But this certainly doesn’t. In this instalment it’s the musicians turn to see what rude, malicious and often funny tweeters have to say about them.


What an Athlete

Every time I think about which videos I’ve watched this week, this one always seems to be the first bounce spring to my mind. I have no idea why…


The Return Of Pamela Anderson

She’s back! This well produced short film is brilliant piece of work. A candid story about Jackie (Pamela Anderson) reaching a crisis point in her life.


Skateboard – Converse One Star World Tour

From Nebraska to Burgundy to Bankok to Brazil, the Converse team hit so many great spots to bring you this full length skate edit.


Mountain Bike – Bobsled Track

These speedsters jump on their bikes to take on the Trebevic, Sarejevo Bobsled track. This track was the site of the 1984 Winter Olympics, but has not been used since.


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