Five Vid Friday #8 – Is Trump the END of Politics?, Sydney Lock-out Laws, Why Good Deeds are Bullsh*t and more

Five Vid Friday is back! You’re weekly source of being incredibly unproductive of a Friday afternoon. Sorry it’s a little late in the day this week but we’re still recovering from the massive weekend and the Bowlarama in Bondi which you can check out here. But on to the videos…


Is Trump the END of Politics?

We sure think so. As he’s an absolute moron. But Wisecrack explore this far more eloquently than any of us could in this 8-bit philosophy video.


The Sydney Lock-Out Laws

If you’re not from Australia, this might not make sense to you, but some state governments have basically decided it’s okay to completely destroy the night-time economy, culture and life-blood of many young working Australians. Friendlyjordies brings us his scathing assessment of these laws and what he thinks of NSW Premier Mike Baird, a.k.a. Casino Mike.


How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps

It’s really not as easy as you think but we can relate a lot to this video.


Touch My Soul

This video details the four day performance art project by LaBeouf and his mates. For once LaBeouf doesn’t seem batshit crazy in this one and it brings you good vibes right in the feels. Did it touch your soul?


Why Good Deeds are Bullshit.

Tales of Mere Existance explores what goes on in my head every time I think about helping someone. I clearly have thought this through way too much.