Five Vid Friday #9 – Leo’s Filmography, Crying Jordan, GoT S6 BTS, Gymkhana Dubai & Weed Scout Cookies

Need a pick-me-up? Don’t sweat, we got you. It’s 5 Vid Friday, our favourite time of the week where we share our favourite 5 videos we’ve stumbled upon in the past 7 days. This week the YouTube gods have been incredibly kind and brought us some Ken Block, Leo Dicaprio, medicinal sweets, Game of Thrones and conversations on Michael Jordan’s tears.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Dubai

The legendary Ken Block jumps in his for Focus and drifts around the Gulf playground of Dubai. As always this video is epic!


Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie. Ever.

After a long wait, the people’s favourite Leonardo DiCaprio took home the Oscar for the best actor at the 88th Academy Awards. In his honour here’s a supercut of Leo in every movie he’s acted in.


Weed Scout Cookies

Although these cookies were inspired by the Girl Scouts, one of the ingredients in this recipe will have you feeling slightly different than Girl Scout cookies that you’re accustom to. Warning, this is not a recipe for the faint hearted.


Game of Thrones Season 6: behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes and gain an insight into how the crew working on Game of Thrones are able to put together such an epic show. Note: This video clip contains NO spoilers.


NBA Players Discuss Crying Jordan

You may have seen the crying GOAT memes, popping up all over social media. Discover how it started and what the current crop of NBA player think of this new sensation.

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