Fly High this Summer with the Swurfer Swing

Although you may turn your nose down at the tide a swing being adult fun, perhaps do not be so hasty. Brought to you proudly from the USA, may we introduce the Swurfer Swing. A rather nifty and very fun looking activity of surfing the air. The swing is made from hard rock maple, includes double strength mildew and UV resistant rope, about 80 foot worth, which gives you enough stretch to hang the swing from a 20 foot high branch. It has adjustable handles for any height which makes it both adult and child friendly, you can also alter the position of the board for sitting on. It has a 250 pound weight limit, but will hold the average human comfortably. The only other thing worth mentioning is perhaps to have a lot of space to swing the thing around in. And we should add that ‘surfing’ is a rather accurate term for what happens when you get on and get going. But you’d need to take a look for yourself to know that.

Check it out

boy playing with swurfer swing swurfer swing under the tree