Fly Through the Sky and See Moscow from an Aerial Drone

The video opens with a crystal-clear shot of a beautiful and gargantuan statue while classical music begins to grow. Before you realize that you are looking from the perspective of a drone and not a sky-scraper roof or the side of a helicopter, your perspective shifts and you gain a sense of wonderment.

The next view is of the breathtaking Moscow skyline shot from an angle very few have seen of the city. The drone leads the viewer from one sight, to the next, alternating between making you gasp at the vibrant color of a building or squint at the beauty of the dawn sky cresting above the majestic city.

The constant shifts in elevation and smooth gliding amongst the towering structures creates and mesmerizing feel for the viewer and does an excellent job capturing the look and feel of this historic town.

As the video unwinds and the music begins to crescendo, the drone masterfully draws the viewer from ornate cathedral-like buildings to more modern and elaborate structures, showing the true range of architecture in this part of Russia.

Check it out

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