Forget the Princess and Let the Analogue NT 24K Gold Edition Be Your Reward

Some of you might be too young to remember there was a run in the 80s when the Nintendo Game System was truly king. At the time, nothing came close to the exceptional video games and characters filling our TV screens every spare minute of the day. Heck, it took a good 5 or 6 years before other game systems even tried to compete, and then another few years before those systems could match the thrill and satisfaction of unwrapping Super Mario Bros on Christmas morning. In fact it seems like only yesterday that we were beating Bowser just to discover from some weird baby wearing a mushroom hat that the princess was in another castle (those Mario games really did feature some bizarre elements).

analogue nt 24k gold zelda

We haven’t forgotten our dear Nintendo and apparently our Nintendo hasn’t forgotten us. To commemorate the game-changing gaming system and the 30th anniversary of one its signature games (Legend of Zelda), the people at Analogue are releasing a 24 Karat Gold Edition NT that spared no expense in resurrecting the past. The entire system is plated in stunning gold and looks like something that belongs behind the glass case in a museum. Since the mechanics of Nintendo are as awe-inspiring as as any precious metal, the baseplate of the NT is transparent, allowing you to witness the actual hardware at work behind your favorite old-school device. Yes, Analogue has really brought the original Nintendo back to life in true style.

The NT Gold Edition includes a gold-plated copy of Legend of Zelda and the whole thing will cost about 5K. Whether you buy the NT Gold Edition for collection purposes or to simply say you played Zelda on a $5,000 Nintendo, this is the kind of product that you’ll end up being buried with.

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