The ‘Freedrum’ to Make Your Own Beats

This a self-explanatory gadget, but it is our job at Man of Many to ensure you guys get all the necessary information. Remember those times, where you are listening to some songs and you’re just air-drumming in your room? I do.

freedrum pair of motion sensitive sensors

Freedrum is a pair of motion-sensitive sensors that can be slipped onto some drumsticks that will allow anyone to play a virtual drum kit. This creation uses internal gyroscopes to detect motion and can be used for seven hours on a single hour’s charge.

men sitting beside ocean freedrum in hand

A single button turns it on or off, a single LED indicates a good connection and battery life and pairs to your smartphone through Bluetooth. The first batch on Kickstarter is gone, but the second batch is up and ready to ship in August 2017. This is a creation for dedicated drummers, musicians, but also the regular dude.

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freedrum all accessories on the table