A Toy Dyson Vacuum that Actually Cleans

Parents often buy toys that look like actual tools that they use for different chores. Toy lawn mowers, tool sets, and even cars are all available. And now, so is a toy vacuum cleaner.

toy dyson vacuum full view

But wait, you’ve seen toy vacuum cleaners before. This is nothing new. Actually, it is, because this toy vacuum actually sucks—no, not “sucks” in that way. It has actual suction.

little girl play toy vacuum

Casdon toys has put together a toy replica of the Dyson Ball Vacuum. The replica stays true to all the details of a life-size Dyson, down to the last details. It also has real working suction and realistic sounds. The toy vacuum picks up included balls, depositing them into a removable dustbin in the back of the toy. Little ones will enjoy vacuuming up the debris and then dumping it out to clean it again. The toy vacuum also has a clear chamber, just like the real Dyson, where colorful balls are whirled around in a simulated cyclone action that mimics the real vacuum.

Your little helper will love vacuuming beside you with this toy—and you’ll love training them early to be great cleaners later on.

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