Switch Up Your Controller with ColorWare’s Joycon Classic

Ninetendo’s latest console, the Switch is a hit. But, it is not as stylish as the company’s older consoles. Well, now you can add a personalized touch to your Nintendo Modular Switch Controllers thanks to ColorWare. The company’s newest release, the Joycon Classic will up the style on your console.

ColorWare specializes in transforming modern gadgets and electronics into interesting, attention-grabbing toys. They have turned plain old game consoles, smartphones, headphones and speakers into fun, colourful objects.

these nes style switching controllers look great

ColorWare took the Switch’s controllers and altered them to look like the original NES gamepads, adding a bit classic aesthetic to the 30 year-old-old controller. The main panel was painted black and a two-tone grey. Red outlines were added around each control. Another retro touch is the decorative block lettering. It is the same glossy red colour that was on the original 1980s controllers. There are even optional Joy-Con strap attachments that match perfectly.

Since ColorWare only customize the paint on the controllers, they function exactly in the same way as regular Switch controllers. So, the accelerometer, buttons and gyro sensors are the same. They even come in the same packaging as the original Switch controllers.

ColorWare’s Joycon Classic is a limited-edition release. There is no word on how many units they will release, although we expect that they will sell out fairly quickly as ColorWare has nailed the retro look. The first 25 units will be individually numbered.

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