Art Meets Gaming with the Zette System

Portable gaming systems are certainly nothing new. Since the advent of Atari handheld gaming devices or the infamous Nintendo Gameboy, people have been able to walk around with a system that can play a wide variety of games just about anywhere, as long as they have battery power. However, handheld gaming systems don’t have nearly the versatility of the games that play through a console—and lugging that around makes little to no sense. Unless you happen to have the Zette System, an all-in-one gaming console that is handcrafted from wood by the retro designers at Love Hulten in Gothenburg, Sweden.

art meets gaming with the zette system

Known for seamlessly fusing old world craftsmanship and modern technology together in their products, the Zette System is a perfect combination of these two categories. Built to look like a 1980’s-era boombox, but made out of wood, the whole device divides into four main pieces: a system console with built-in DLP LED projector in the middle section, two wireless joypads and a loudspeaker for stereo. The console plays all NES, Atari and Gameboy games, among others, giving it the capability to play over 10,000 titles. With a 2600 amp battery the whole console can operate for over 2 hours without needing to be charged.

zette system: arcade edition

And when you’re not gaming, it looks like a piece of wooden art, emulating a classic bit of technology we never use anymore.

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zette system all in one gaming portable

zette system handmade gaming console

band announce Le zette system

zette system arcade

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