Best new video games september

Best New Games Coming in September 2022

Avast, ye slippery scoundrels! There be no need to plunder the darkest depths. Not when we can grant you riches! Sadly not dollars or doubloons, but indeed the next best thing. We are, of course, referring to a rundown of the best games coming in September 2022. So what’s with the colourful language? September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the release date for the swashbuckling adventure-comedy Return to Monkey Island. Coincidence? Not a chance! And that’s just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg, as this month hosts a trove of exciting new gaming titles. From a remake of The Last of Us to a new skating sim and the latest sporting sequels, here are some of the best games coming in September 2022.

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1. The Last of Us Part 1

One of the best new games coming in September was actually 2013’s Game of the Year rebuilt from the ground up. The Last of Us Part 1 reimagines Joel, Ellie and every Clicker for PC and the PS5. Developer Naughty Dog enhances their greatest game with more realistic lighting effects, character and environmental detail that leads to intricate locations that should feel fresh even if you’ve powered through the original release a handful of times.

The inclusion of 3D audio support delivers richer soundscapes and more visceral gameplay. Combine this with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller, and you’ll feel those Clicker and cannibal kills like never before.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5
Release date: September 2

2. NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 pairs true-to-life gameplay and best-in-class visuals with improved AI for what the developers describe as one of the most immersive sports products in modern gaming. Step onto the hardwood as your favourite teams using up-to-date rosters and historical players, including the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan. Relive and recreate 15 iconic performances from Jordan’s illustrious career when you’re not focusing on your own. MYCAREER mode is where you fulfil your NBA dreams both on and off the court, and MYTEAMS is the competitive/addictive portion of the game that will keep you playing well into the future. So call the shots, shoot some hoops and build a dynasty in this multi-year experience.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch
Release date: September 9

3. FIFA 23

After a falling out over licensing, FIFA 23 is the final FIFA game to be developed by EA. While there will still be plenty of football games to come, this entry marks the end of an era. FIFA 23 includes an expansive roster for men’s and women’s teams, including the World Cup, elevated through new motion capture animation that doubles down on authenticity. On the pitch, players can check out refreshed free kicks, penalties and corners, plus a new risk vs reward shooting mechanic. Off the pitch, Ultimate Team and Career Mode score a facelift, Volta street football returns, and Aussie legend Sam Kerr features on the cover.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Release date: September 30

4. Return to Monkey Island

A staple of 90’s PC gaming, Return to Monkey Island is the long overdue sequel to the acclaimed series of comedic pirate adventures. Series creator Ron Gilbert revives Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck, Elaine Marley and even Stan the fast-talking salesman, for another trip to Monkey Island. And this time, gamers may learn its secret.

Return to Monkey Island presents a fresh take on the classic point-and-click gameplay with new puzzles, island exploration and evolving, context-sensitive interactions with the outrageous occupants of Melee Island and beyond. The new art style ensures the nautical nonsense and monkey mayhem look better than ever.

Platforms: PC, Switch
Release date: September 19

5. Session: Skate Sim

Session: Skate Sim brings the authenticity, realism and 90’s skate culture vibes back to PC and consoles. Made by skaters, for skaters, you’re looking at a grounded experience that carries the look and feel of EA’s Skate more than the over-the-top action of Tony Hawk’s. Each thumbstick represents a foot; you use both to control the board and transfer weight, like in real life.

The first few hours can be challenging—just like real skating—but then you will experience the thrills and satisfaction that come with pulling off grinds and kickflips across the best lines in Philadelphia and New York City while creating your own 90’s-inspired clips that look they’re lifted straight from a VHS copy of Thrasher.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Release date: September 22

6. Splatoon 3

Nintendo’s cutesy competitive shooter returns for another round of ink-fulled arena action. Splatoon 3 packs 4-on-4 Turf Wars, where players compete to cover arenas with the most ink. This new entry in the popular series shifts the sport to new sun-soaked deserts and dusty wastelands and brings dynamic new moves to help players dodge attacks and cover more ground. In addition, new weapons, Inklings and Octolings keep things fresh for returning players.

Platform: Switch
Release date: September 9

September 2022 Video Game Release Dates

  • Chenso Club (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch) – September 1
  • The Last of Us Part 1 (PC, PS5) – September 2
  • Lego Brawls (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 2
  • Circus Electrique (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S XB1, Switch) – September 6
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 2
  • Biomutant (PS5, XBX/S) – September 6
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch) – September 6
  • Steelrising (PC, PS5, XBX/S) – September 8
  • NBA 2K23 (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 9
  • Splatoon 3 (Switch) – September 9
  • XIII Remake (Switch) – September 13
  • Metal: Hellsinger (PC, PS5, XBX/S) – September 15
  • Wayward Strand (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 15
  • Hidden Through Time: Definitive Edition (PS4, Switch) – September 16
  • Construction Simulator (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1) – September 20
  • Soulstice (PC, PS5, XBX/S) – September 20
  • The DioField Chronicle (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 22
  • Potion Permit (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 22
  • Serial Cleaners (PC, PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1, Switch) – September 22
  • Session: Skate Sim (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1) – September 22
  • Train Life: A Railway Simulator (PS5, PS4, XBX/S, XB1) – September 22
  • Hokko Life (PS4, XB1, Switch) – September 27
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (PS4, XB1, Switch) – September 29
  • Valkyrie Elysium (PS5, PS4) – September 29

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General FAQ

What games are coming out in September 2022?

September 2022 is a big month for sports fans with new games, including NBA 2K23, FIFA 23, Session: Skate Sim and Splatoon 3 (if you can call Splatoon a sports game). There’s also The Last of Us Part 1 and Return to Monkey Island, to name a few of the most-anticipated titles.

Is FIFA 23 the last FIFA game?

FIFA 23 is the last FIFA game to be developed by EA Sports. The two organisations fell out over costs, with FIFA asking for a lot more money for the rights to its name. Moving forward, FIFA games will be developed by a new studio, while EA will continue to make football games under the name EA Sports FC.

Is Hogwarts Legacy delayed?

The Harry Potter-inspired action RPG has a new release date, and it’s later than expected. Previously expected in 2022, the developers needed extra time to craft the best possible experience. So now, Hogwarts Legacy is arriving on February 10, 2023, for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, with a Switch version coming later.

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