Total Control in the ALL Universal Gaming Controller

As video games become more ubiquitous in most people’s homes, both for gamers and the fact that video games and simply watching television are merely separated by the click of a button today, coffee tables are filling up with even more controllers these days. There doesn’t seem to be any way out of it either, because gaming companies provide different controllers that are proprietary to their system and the games they play, as playing video games requires different buttons, as opposed to just changing channels and adjusting volume on a TV remote. Fortunately, the ALL Controller has been invented, a universal and fully customizable video game controller that claims to allow you to play any game in the universe.

all controller universal  fully customizable

Looking like an Xbox controller on steroids, the ALL remote offers options for all gaming systems and computers, cell phones and tablets alike with the ability to switch between all 11 USB drivers and 7 Bluetooth drivers. It has 40 plus hours of battery life when fully charged, can be used in mouse and keyboard mode and is USB, Bluetooth and wireless dongle compatible. Also once the controller has been connected to a system, the profile can be saved so it can instantly connect again in the future, allowing you to start playing as soon as a connection has been established.

While the ALL controller is currently a Kickstarter project, it has tripled it’s pledge goal and is currently being produced. So order yours now, before every gamer wants one.

Check it out

all controller universal gaming controller parts

all controller universal gaming display

samsung gear vr with controller

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