The Datorbox Gaming System Adds Style to the Everyday Gamer

Gamers each have their own personalized set-ups for their systems that are obviously very near and dear to them. However, many of these become dank, sprawling groupings of desktop hard drives and cords stuffed in and around desk that can’t accommodate them. The overall look is strange at best and it keeps avid gamers who want to clean up their consoles from really being able to do so. And that may be why Datorbox is so handy.

datorbox gaming system

The Datorbox from Swedish designer Love Hulten, is a compact and cleanly designed gaming desktop system that delivers a massive amount of performance. Despite being housed in a small wooden box, the system is VR-ready and supports 4k video. The case is also designed to allow optimal airflow and runs very quietly even when it has a full load. With six old fashioned bulbs on the front when it is running, the Datorbox is an eye-catching device, posing as a relic from last century but with the power of the best gaming systems on the market today.

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Each Datorbox comes in a limited edition of 50 units, and each is either orange or emerald green, with a customizable finish. With it, one will be a very rare gamer indeed, as you will not only have a box that few others have, but you will also have style, which is rare for avid gamers in general.

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