The Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset Prepares for Official Launch

Tech company Dell is now taking pre-orders for the Dell Visor, their new mixed reality headset. An official launch date of October 17th makes it first out the gate among a handful of headsets compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform. With straightforward features and a competitive $349.99 price tag, Dell is aiming for an affordable and unfettered starter set that will keep you entertained and immersed for hours on end, ideally minus any cricks in the neck.

ifa 2017 dell unveils mixed reality headset

Touting a clean, albeit slightly alien design, the Dell Visor almost looks like something out of a Pixar film. Padding on the inside and a thumbwheel on the headband make it cosy to wear and easy to adjust. On the performance front, the Dell Visor includes of a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and two built-in monochrome cameras to handle tracking and optimise spatial recognition. Once immersed, you’ll experience 360-degree viewing and two 1440×1440-pixel LCD displays with 90Hz refresh rates.

dell visor virtual reality headset review

Connect the Dell Visor to your PC using an HDMI or USB cable, while a trusty clip keeps your experience tangle-free. Lifting and dropping the visor is likewise a seamless process. To play VR/AR games, you can use an Xbox controller or buy the Dell Visor bundle package with two controllers at $449.99. This headset might just take you to places you didn’t previously think possible.

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