Dojo Battle Electronic Sword with Smart Strike Technology

Odds are if you have two boys and two sticks, they’ll end up sword fighting. It’s just one of those evolutionary things that continues to hold true across the generations. That tendency is getting a hi-tech upgrade with the Dojo Battle Electronic Sword Game with Smart Strike Technology.

Dojo Battle Electronic Sword Game with Smart Strike Technology

Dojo Battle comes with two swords—farewell random sticks—and two chest pieces that have a “Ninja Strike Sensor” built into them. The chest pieces are worn by the combatants, and they come with battle sounds and lights. The sensor features Smart Strike Technology, which is a fancy way to say that the only way to register a strike is with the provided sword. Any other implement won’t activate the sensor.

Additionally, the chest pieces come with interchangeable discs of different colours so that you can create teams—you can battle with up to 12 players (6 kits) at a time. The system requires six AAA batteries to play, but once you’re powered up, you can start whacking away at each other.

Dojo Battle Electronic Sword Game with Smart Strike Technology back

Speaking of hitting each other, the swords are fairly soft. Enough so that if you get hit anywhere other than in the chest, you won’t be smarting too much. Both the sword and the chest piece are lightweight, so the sword won’t pick up too much momentum and you won’t really notice the chest piece. The system seems to live up to its claim of letting you “fight like a hi-tech ninja.”

Of course, you do need to be a little careful with whom you play this game. Most kids, and even adults, should be fine, but if you’ve got a particularly aggressive kid or friend in mind, you might want to set some careful parameters. Otherwise, the Dojo Battle Electronic Sword Game looks to be a helluva good time.

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