Doom Gets Re-Released on Every Platform Known to Man

Image - Moby Games

As part of its 25th-anniversary celebration, the original Doom along with its sequels Doom II and Doom 3 were recently released on every single modern platform. We’re talking PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and the first two games are even on iOS and Android.

We’re not sure how these classic shooters would play on a touchscreen, but it is nice that everyone can get on board with the games that started it all. The first-person shooter genre wouldn’t be what it is without Doom.

The original Doom, which first launched in 1993, is enhanced and packed full of additional content. It includes the expansion Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed and on consoles, players can blast it out in split-screen 4-player deathmatch, and tackle the entire campaign in split-screen co-op.

The 1994 sequel Doom II also features 4-player deathmatch, an optional co-op campaign plus The Master Levels; that is 20 additional levels created by fans under supervision of the original developers.

Finally, Doom 3 first emerged in 2004 and moved away from the fast-paced kinetic gameplay to focus on survival horror. Doom 3 includes both the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions expansion packs.

All three classic games are available now on your platform of choice.

It’s worth noting the controversy surrounding the re-releases. An online connection is required, and players must log in to the BethesdaNet service before playing. Fans are outraged online in typical fashion, so Bethesda has announced it will remove this feature in a future update. No timeframe was given.

The three Dooms should tie-over players until Doom Eternal drops on November 22. The upcoming sequel to 2016’s reboot sees players return to Earth only to find it suffering through a demonic invasion. Players will ‘raze hell’ and discover the Slayer’s origins while fighting through his enduring mission to rip and tear… until it is done.

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