Drake & Ninja Just Broke the Twitch Live Streaming Record Playing Fortnite

He may have started at the bottom, but right at the very top of his career, Canadian RnB megastar Drake has found himself livestreaming his online antics alongside professional gamer Ninja, broadcast to 600,000 followers via Twitch, while they played popular last-man-standing game Fortnite.

The winner-takes-all game allows for crossplay, meaning Ninja (real name Tyler Blevins) could take to the platform on his PC while sharing the digi-sphere with the grammy winner, who was on a PS4.

Over half a million fans watched on (and blew up Twitter), while Ninja’s Twitch subscribers shot through the roof. Twitch is an important platform for online gamers, in that they can actually turn their skills into coins. Each premium subscription costs $4.99–streamers who use the platform apparently get around half of the profits, which means that Ninja probably clocked over $25k during last night’s session with Drake. Viewers can also donate more during the feed, but, given just how popular this one was, Ninja didn’t have the time or focus to offer shout-outs to his fans.

The duo were also joined by entrepreneur and activist Kim Dotcom, fellow rapper Travis Scott, and NFL superstar JuJu Smith-Schuster.

The stream appeared to have plenty of technical difficulties thanks to the fact that each player’s friend requests were maxed out, but this should be easily reparable in future if the platform keeps expanding exponentially.

Whether or not this leads to more celebrities jumping on board with online games streamed direct to their fans, time will tell. What is obvious though is just how far the professional gaming industry has come in the past few years, in terms of profitability, but also the fact that with more and more celebrity players and YouTube stars, it’s now officially been glamourised.

Ninja’s Twitch Channel

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