E3 2019: Marvel’s Avengers Assemble for New Video Game

Marvel’s Avengers are set to dominate the gaming charts in 2020 just like they dominated the box office for going on a decade. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have a new video game on the way, as was revealed during the second day of E3 2019.

The 4-player action adventure game will feature Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Ant-Man. It looks like Hawkeye is being left out for now. Marvel’s Avengers is expected to ‘grow’ over time with new levels and characters, all of which will be available for free.

The upcoming game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the recent Tomb Raider games. The lack of familiar faces would suggest the game operates outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There’s currently not a lot of information available, but we did get a release date. Marvel’s Avengers is out May 15, 2020, and is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

The Avengers was arguably the biggest announcement of the day. Although there were plenty of other great reveals. Over at Ubisoft, Watch Dogs Legion takes on a futuristic post-Brexit London setting, where you can play as anyone in the city, including a murderous grandma. While E3 Day 1 had Keanu Reeves on stage, day 2 had The Punisher – Jon Bernthal live, who is appearing in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake finally has a release date along with a new trailer, and a new rollerblading sport made its debut. All of this and more featured below.

Watch Dogs Legion – Available March 6, 2020

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Available October 4, 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Available March 3, 2020

Roller Champions – Available TBA

12 Minutes – Available TBA

Flight Simulator – Available TBA

Dying Light 2 – Available 2020

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 – Available 2020

Darksiders Genesis – Available TBA

Outriders – Available TBA

Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Available TBA

Gods & Monsters – Available February 25, 2020